1. The Big and Corrupted Scull, 2. The Slaves of Capitalism, 3. The Labor Pyramid

Aziya Murat
Sculls in The Big and Corrupted Scull represent people involved in corrupt practices. Introduced basic colors show color palette of national symbоls of the USA, as well as Russia. I chose a scull as a symbol of death and damage. I want to picture many people involved in contamination of the world with corruption as with an injurious disease. I created an optical illusion of a big scull by leaving some sculls uncolored. With this technique I want to make a viewer to look deeper in the situation and to see how fatal is corruption for any society and economy. I strive to raise awareness about disastrous consequences of corruption, such as economic losses and insufficiency, poverty and inequality, malfunction of state and private economy, criminality and terrorism. In The Slaves of Capitalism piece I picture different people in masks on banknotes. This way I want to underline that corruption is illegal, and people practicing it wouldn`t want to be discovered. In fact, education and transparency can be powerful cure for corruption. The people in masks represent shadow economy, bribery and theft - all those issues far from transparency. The Labor Pyramid is created under the inspiration of The Slaves of Capitalism. It symbolizes overwhelming hierarchy, where capital and labor are connected within a manufacturing process managed only by capital. I think, actually, that corruption is of hierarchical nature, as people involved in corruption conspire in order to organize a scheme. There are four groups of people in different colors in the work representing different organizations with hierarchy of masked individuals symbolizing non-transparency.