In the state of corruption: byte by byte

Andrei Chugunov
My work is based on the dataset of leaks related to offshore accounts published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. It includes Panama Papers, Pandora Papers, Paradise Papers, Bahamian and Offshore Leaks. CSV files from the archive are read out byte by byte. Size of each piece of information influences audio and light reproduction on a 3D scene. Each byte contains 8 bits of data, where each bit equals either 1 or 0. If a bit equals 1, one of the sources of light on the scene turns on, if 0 - it turns off. As a byte is read out, it randomly either stays untouched or becomes zero. Time after time an algorithm reads a file and crashes it. This way even the information about corruption decays with time. The work lays emphasis on the fact that all the data are in constant decay. Even if such piece of data is of the most importance and brings out a lot of attention, when time passes it either gets forgotten or crashes on the media. The 3D scene visualizes decay of data through imitation of dimensional sound and light. On the other hand, the work represents how information substance stands up to repression mechanisms aimed at suppression of freedom of speech and public opinion.